Your Emotional ABCs


Who doesn’t hate feeling guilty, resentment, jealousy, fear, anger and all those uncomfortable emotions that get under our skin? Even the hating part is hard.

We have become like hard-boiled eggs, so we don’t crack open very easily. But when we do…look out!

No wonder feeling your feelings is so hard.  Relearning how to feel your feelings is key to raising your LifeForce and your empowerment.  When we hold back our feelings, Lifeforce gets stuck and suppressed in our emotional body, the subtle energetic force field integrated with our physical body. You may not see it, but you sure know when it is stuck, you may feel agitated, anxious, depressed.

Notice when you have a good cry, how good you feel afterwards. Whereas, holding back the dam of tears that is ready to break is distressing and painful.

Our emotions are made up of Lifeforce energy. Emotional energy is e- motion…. energy in motion that needs to move and express. Emotions are an energetic language that needs to be fully experienced and expressed to be understood.  Even if it is only within ourselves. We are meant to express and learn from this energetic language; the refined and deeper feeling that dwell below the outward emotion are the jewels that convey deeper understanding, wisdom and insight to help us move forward in life situations.

As human beings we are all conditioned to judge emotion as good or bad, weak or strong, right or wrong.  So we don’t want to ‘feel’, especially the perceived negative ones.

This Week’s LifeForce Secret:

80% of Your LifeForce in Held in Your Emotional Body

To become adapt at reading and trusting your emotions takes time, compassion and commitment. Begin simply by being aware of the physical sensations you are experiencing, particularly when you are in an uncomfortable situation. Notice where the emotional energy is trying to express and that you may be holding back. If someone criticizes you or makes a hurtful comment, do you get a lump in your throat, a jab in your gut, or tightness in your chest or head?

See if there is a pattern to your physical reaction. This is the beginning of learning your emotional ABCs.

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