What is Blocking Your True Nature?

50s office woman.cgiThis morning I was experiencing excruciating writer’s block. I was putting undue pressure on myself to produce and get this blog ‘out there’.  So rather than coming up with a message for you, I was given a profound message for me and and I wonder if you can relate.

The message was – do not put pressure on yourself to be something you are not. In this case, pressure to the perfect writer and communicator so that you, the reader, will ‘get it’.  This has been a reoccurring theme for me.

To my surprise, I was then shown that our beauty and charm is in the human imperfection – so own it, express it, love it, live it and be joy filled – for that is your true nature. This gave me the courage to move forward and risk being imperfect.

So I got myself a nurturing cup of favorite green tea, took a few deep breaths and began writing without censor.

So what blocks you from living in your true nature?

This Week’s LifeForce Secret:

Life is lighter and more joyful when you accept your imperfection as part of your true nature.


Is there something about yourself that you don’t accept…much less don’t love?  If you are like most of us, there are old tapes are running in your mind that say you are not perfect enough, worthy  or good enough. Which is your poison?

Seeing is the first step to freeing our selves from our conditioning and our own limitations. While the insight may hit you with a deep thud, or a pang in your gut, it gets you to go to the core of how we sometimes function against our true nature. And that is not fun.

The more light you are willing to let into your life, the more you raise your vibration and the more you will revel in your imperfection.

So what is keeping you from accepting you just the way you are?   I’d love to know I am not alone.

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