Mary Liz Murphy

~ Vibrational Energy Healer and Holistic Health Coach
~ Catalyst to Your True Self
~ Founder of LifeForce Solutions, Inc.

Mary Liz is a Vibrational Energy Healer, a Holistic Health Coach and a highly gifted intuitive.
As a catalyst to self-empowerment, what sets Mary Liz’s work apart is her integrative approach that quickly helps clients to regain wholeness and step into their true power in various areas of their life.

As the Founder of LifeForce Solutions, Mary Liz has twenty + years of training and experience in integrative health and energetic healing therapies. LifeForce Solutions has worked with the United Nations and The Conference Board, international business research organization, as well as hundreds of extraordinary individuals, such as yourself. Her passion is helping individuals realize new possibilities for themselves by healing inner barriers, becoming wiser, and functioning from a healthier, happier state.

She is a former corporate marketing executive, and like many successful high-pressured business people, she struggled with stress, personal balance and life fulfillment. After a near death life transforming experience, Mary Liz saw clearly for herself and others how our society’s conditioning keeps us disconnected and out of balance within ourselves and that this is the root of all stress and personal struggles.

Based in NYC, the most spiritually challenging and professionally rewarding city on earth, Mary Liz established LifeForce Solutions in 2000 to help business women and men to reclaim their natural state of balance and harmony and to connect the ‘spiritual with the practical’ for healthy, whole and successful living.

Mary Liz’s strength is seeing the whole and how to quickly connect with it: how to replenish the physical body, center the mind, open the heart and uplift the soul. She incorporates her multi discipline training as needed:

Energy Therapies:
(Reiki, Theta, Serenity Vibration, Total Biology Reprogramming, Light Grids, Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Oneness Deeksha,).

Holistic Health Therapies including:
Nutrition, lifestyle, mind-body and breath awareness, natural and women’s health including, Menopause Type Management™, sound therapy and aromatherapy.