“I created more closure with my father than in 8 years of therapy.
Letting go of resentment has freed up my writing block.”
~ Jane D, Writer

LifeForce Benefits:
Unlike other methods of self-analysis and personal development, LifeForce Solutions works on a quantum level to bring conscious, subconscious and superconscious awareness into harmony. Quickly unlock and empower your true self to:

Discover what truly makes you happy. It’s not always what you originally thought!

• Gain personal clarity and make the best possible decisions in your life without being haunted by self-doubt.

Improve relationships with family, friends, coworkers.

Restore health, regain energy, sleep better, lose weight.

• Develop the rewarding successful career you have always wanted.

• Develop, trust and act on your intuition.

How We Accomplish This Together:
Dissolve your problems at core energetic level rather than just solve your problems that may reoccur.   Yes, it is possible to dissolve your problems with ease rather than fight them with stress. Less pain,  more gain.

• Support you to develop greater confidence, clarity and self compassion to move forward with vitality and  wellbeing for greater success in very practical ways.

• Help you craft your own sustainable health and wellbeing toolkit to help you thrive no matter what life  throws in your path.

“Mary Liz makes the invisible visible and supports me to deal readily with my issues and heal faster. She has taught me how to quickly harness my energy so I can accomplish what I set out to do, without my old MO of getting frustrated and beating myself up. I’m finding it easier to work with difficult clients and get my deals done faster.”

-Sharon P., Real Estate Broker