“Life force is the energy of life that creates wellness, wisdom and abundance.”
~ Dr. Judith Orloff, Author of Positive Energy

LifeForce Solutions is dedicated to helping individuals to quickly untap their individual LifeForce energy. By learning how to unlock and empower Your True Self through raising your LifeForce, you will achieve a life you love. 

Clients come to me because they are not happy and are struggling to get the results they want in some aspect of their life: such as health, wellbeing, lifestyle, relationships or work. Just this morning a client came to me saying; “I feel so disconnected: I don’t know what to do for myself”.  Can you relate!?!

They don’t realize that their LifeForce energy is out of balance or blocked. The whole you is greater that the sum of your parts. Vibrational healing integrates Your True Self in all aspects of your life so that you can thrive with greater confidence, clarity, compassion, harmony and joy.

There are many ways to experience this work; private coaching, webinars with group telecoaching, special energy activations and FREE monthly Energy Boost TeleClasses with a community of like-minded aspiring friends.

Are You Ready to Raise Your LifeForce Energy?
Low LifeForce
You may feel chronic stress, frustration, depression or anxiety, or have unhealed heartache or anger. Life may feel like a constant uphill battle with disruptions, blocks and emotional and lifestyle distress. You may feel disconnected from your higher purpose and your full power.
High LifeForce
You are have healthier relationships with your whole self and others. You have more energy, vitality with a healthier mindset and lifestyle and emotional balance. Success becomes  natural for you and you feel a stronger connection to your soul purpose.
Raise Your LifeForce
And make your life work! Create greater physical,mental and emotional well-being, passionate work, satisfying relationships, new possibilities and exhilarating freedom to Be True to Yourself in all you do.


Holistic Solutions for Healthy, Whole, Successful Living

Over the past 2o+ years, I’ve applied my highly honed intuitive gifts and integrative health training to to help myself as well as my client to reconnect with our natural state of balance and harmony. I have developed a proven approach and a track record of satisfied clients actualizing the best in themselves. This is my greatest joy!  Each client develops his/her own wisdom and life skills to respond to their unique needs and desires with:

Self Awareness:
Do you find yourself wondering who you really are and are you creating your best possible life? I help you to understand and release the inner barriers that are stopping you from more empowered living. Tools include experiential exercises and guided meditations for self discovery and self healing of limiting beliefs and emotions. You develop skills to process your life experiences successfully and raise your LifeForce so you can manifest what you truly desire.

Holistic Self Care:
Are you struggling to take proper care of your personal needs?  Whether it is because of overwhelm, confusion, lack of knowledge or some other block; I help you to understand and meet your self-care needs. Sustaining high LifeForce energy requires high vibe habits. With a foundation for balanced living using nutrition and healthier lifestyle and stress management practices, you are empowered with healthier, happier living and sustainable results.

“Mary Liz helped me to attain new levels of awareness and well being as I was undergoing a major life transition due to a life threatening illness and a career change. She helped me to deal effectively with my emotions and to clean up my act with healthier eating and lifestyle changes. The value has been I made a positive career move and am better able to meet life challenges, work challenges and stress. I am happy to say I have achieved an overall enhanced sense of self worth and well being which truly made working with Mary Liz a worthwhile and multi-level beneficial experience.”

-Peter M, Management Consultant