Tap Your Cellular Power

Cellular stem-cell-talk-57210Before you reach for your cell phone recharger, there is another cellular power source that is rocking your world more so than technology ever will. And the amazing thing is you may not even be aware of it.

There is a transformational journey happening right now on a cellular level in your body that is redefining what your power is.

Your inner world and outer world are reflecting each other. The microchips in your cellphone are an application of the same light energy that is being activated in your body cells.  The result is a revolutionary change in how we live and view life.

While it is exciting to explore the changes that nano technology is bringing into our lives, many people are struggling with the inner transformation that is also occurring.

Tapping into your full power to create a healthy, happy successful life, starts with a well-built foundation.  That foundation is the cell, the smallest living part of you. If your cells are healthy, happy and whole so are you.

You instinctively know what is best to fuel your cells in body, mind and spirit. It is just a matter of getting in touch with your innate intelligence.

Physically, each cell functions the same way, like a little energy factory taking in LifeForce energy through the quality of your breath and nutrients, the raw materials to function. Then each cell lets out its by-product as metabolic waste.

In order for your cells to function optimally, it is vital to eat foods naturally full of light, such as fresh organic vegetables, fruits, raw seeds and nuts and to drink pure water. Physical movement encourages deep breathing (hopefully in clean air!) and getting the LifeForce to every cell and fueling it with crystalline light.

This Week’s LifeForce Secret:

The smallest living part of you is the key to living healthy, happy and whole.

Energetically, your cells act like a library storing all your thought and emotional patterns in your DNA.  When you are functioning from dense programmed limiting beliefs and/or stagnated, blocked, suppressed emotions, your behavior is compromised, so it is challenging to create the results you truly want.

Energy healing works on a quantum physics level to release stagnated, blocked energy from your cells, allowing more light frequencies to penetrate your cells, making you and your cells happier and lighter.

Then an amazing thing organically happens, you instinctively gravitate towards doing what supports wholeness and wellbeing. Life seems to flow more easily as you are working efficiently at your core cellular level.

Watch for future posts where I will share secrets to raise your LifeForce energy and build a strong working relationship with your body, mind and spirit from the inside out.

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