Life Mastery Program

Finding Your Path & the Courage to Follow It

“This course has been an invaluable support & structure to make things happen in my life. I took on a new job & finally bought a new apartment, which I had been terrified to do since my husband died 12 years ago. I even went on my first date!” ~ Lynn C., Film Editor


LEVEL TWO: Life Mastery Program

After the LifeForce Compass Program helps you shift your relationship with yourself to navigate life from the inside out, the Life Mastery Program helps you function in your world with a new level of commitment, courage and creation. This 16-lesson program adapted by author Joel Anastasi from metaphysical teachings lays out a powerful step-by-step process of self-discovery helping us FIND OUR LIFE PATH AND THE COURAGE TO FOLLOW IT.

This divinely inspired program takes self-discovery and life empowerment to the next level by focusing on how you function in your world to help you uncover and tap your highest potential to create the life you want.

• Master living in the present.
• Appreciate that everything that occurs everyday as a gift.
• Cultivate the courage to create the life you say you really want.
• Develop a more tangible connection and trust in your inner voice,
which allows you to use your LifeForce in the most productive way.

As Mary-Liz guides you, you learn to both listen to the wise counsel from your inner wisdom and to act on it. This learning results in an alignment of your soul with your highest purpose in a way that wastes no energy, leaves no regrets and stops you from second guessing yourself.

This self-growth program includes:
• Experiential and written exercises
• Live laser group telecoaching support with Mary Liz.
• Self guided workbook.
• Like-minded community support for processing real life experiences.
You will be well equipped with all the skills you will ever need to master    empowered living.

Program Format:
Facilitated as a 9 month program as a webinar series with laser group telecoaching sessions to support you in applying lessons to real life challenges.