Private Coaching Packages

Raise Your LifeForce.  Step into Your True Power. Live a Life You Love.

Are you ready for a mentor? Someone who walks the talk? I will personally guide you to quickly step into your true power through a holistic and energetic healing approach. I will help you to consciously reconnect with your natural state of balance and harmony in life.  You’ll learn to respond to your real life challenges with wisdom, practical self-care tools and skills to process and embrace all your life experiences.  Accelerate your learning curve as you discover how to trust your body intelligence, clear blocks, deepen your intuition and connect with your soul purpose. Find deeper meaning and value to every experience so that you enhance the quality of your personal and professional life.

My TOOLBOX INCLUDES many forms of energetic empowerment to optimize your use of LifeForce such as: conscious breathing, nutrition/lifestyle practices, hormonal balance, clearing mental and emotional blocks and spiritual growth practices.

Are You Ready To Take A Quantum Leap Forward?

Coaching Packages
The most powerful and cost effective way to become self empowered is through coaching packages. Sessions are scheduled weekly or biweekly and are conducted via telephone or by video using Skype allowing you the comfort and convenience of being in your own surroundings.

Our sessions  are conversational and confidential with a blend of self-exploratory exercises, skill development, breathing exercises, self care resources and more. Each session will provide you with new awareness, new tools and guidelines to practically apply and get results in real life in between our sessions.

Three and Six Month Private One-on-One Programs

Three Month SILVER Coaching Package
(6 sessions) creates a foundation and helps you deal with acute, urgent needs.

Six Month GOLD Coaching Package
(12 sessions) offers a greater opportunity to build a lifetime foundation, accelerates your learning curve, deepens your skills and creates the results you want for the rest of your life.

One-off sessions are $300 (these sessions are 60 minutes long.)

Monthly rate for packages is $550 for two 1-hour telecoaching sessions and are known as  Emerald Packages

Added Incentive and Additional Savings
Upfront payment options offer substantial savings with 10-15% discounted rates* as added incentive to invest in prioritizing yourself. Most clients commit themselves to six months to a year of coaching for long lasting rewards.

The question to ask yourself is: “What is it costing me not to invest in the quality of my life this way?”

What’s Included
Monthly Payment
3 Months*
6 Months*
Two – 1 hr sessions
pay as you go rate
6 – one hr sessions
2 per month
6 total
=1 free session
Best value!
12 -one hr sessions
2 per month
12 total
=2 free sessions

Discounted Rates*

Silver & Gold Programs:
can be accelerated based on need.

Prices are subject to change.



Mary Liz helped me to help myself. She is a great listener. The work was like magic, I became opened to myself and more aware that it is okay to be me. I saw how my fear of being judged was hindering my performance and my stress levels. The greatest gift she gave me was the ability to see various aspects of myself from my physical needs to very deep inner feelings of self worth. She helped guide me through discovering past experiences and ongoing negative thought patterns. Now I don’t fear my audiences anymore and have been promoted to give more presentations. I learned how to accept myself as I am vs. beat myself up, so I can flourish from within and out.
Satya M, Software Project Manager, San Fran, CA

“I feel no limits. The old stuff may come up about not feeling good enough to succeed at work yet, how differently I experience it when my perspective is different. I’m no longer a prisoner of my own thoughts, what a breakthrough. I am more confident and relaxed, and a better manager on the job. I received everything I asked for and more.”
Ramana S, Director of Engineering, Boston, MA