LifeForce Coaching Approach

ApproachAs a culture, we focus on results FIRST while ignoring our inner world, which more often than not leads to disappointment and often failure. Ironically enough, the more you focus on your inner world, the BETTER results you will realize with far more ease.

There is a reservoir of untapped potential waiting to be revealed by raising your LifeForce energy. You just need a guide to help you remember your true power as whole and allow it to unfold.

Success From Within
My coaching programs offer a proven framework and clear blueprint to help you clear blocks and access your inner potential in various areas of your life. Personalized techniques provide you with a self-healing art form, which I have refined over 20+ years of my personal and professional practice.

• Create fundamental and empowering shifts in your self-perception and  your life.
Heal inner barriers, such as self-doubt or limiting beliefs, that take keep you from creating what you want.
Resolve long standing challenges in practical issues in nutrition, health and wellbeing, relationships, career…your life
• Master greater self-awareness and holistic self-care to propel you forward.

Quick and Lasting Results
Results can be realized in a fraction of the time you’ve been struggling. They can be subtle and profound, or sometimes dramatic, leaving you wiser, functioning more effectively and confidently as well as being healthier, happier and more at peace.

Clients dazzle themselves in what they have been able to accomplish in what they describe as an astonishingly short period of time. It works magic in mysterious ways!


“My advice to anyone who feels stressed-out is not to postpone this work. I realized many of my issues/blocks were bothering me and affecting my health. My biggest challenge used to be setting personal boundaries and being authentic, this left be drained and with high blood pressure and blood sugar. Mary Liz’s sessions helped me to identify and consciously clear my issues and gave me confidence which has enabled me to perform at higher levels of efficiency and getting a clean bill of health in a matter of a few months. This has helped me both in my professional as well as personal life. I also noticed that my wife is a lot happier to be around me too!!“
Prasad Y. Sr VP, Fortune 50 Co., NY, NY
“You have consistently been able to pinpoint exactly where I’ve been ‘stuck’ and helped me to gracefully wiggle out of that place of self doubt and lack of initiative to create concrete results. Of all the many wonderful supporters in my life, you stand out as someone who grasps not only the big picture of my life journey, but also the micro challenges and opportunities that continue to unfold.

I am so grateful for your wisdom, and practical tools that have taught me how to generate clarity and serenity within the most stressful of circumstances. I have gone from being the person who lacked the confidence or the creativity to solve major problems to being the person who takes charge. As a testament, I started a new business to capitalize on my strengths and enjoy myself 1000% more!“
Susan P.Wellness and Social Entrepreneur, Ft. Lauderdale, FL