What Clients Say

What Clients Say“I gained the courage to leave my job, move cross country and look for a new job, even though I was terrified of leaving what I knew. I increased my income in this new market; that was a confidence booster.
SS, Program Analyst

“Overnight, I feel like I let go of grief that held me back for years. I’m able to feel joy again and am really ready to let someone into my life again”
RA, Registered Nurse

“I gained the confidence to know I am good enough and naturally healed my depression. I used to struggle to get out of bed and dreaded work, now I feel alive and ready to go.
CN, Medical Assistant

“ I feel ten years younger and no longer feel guilty for taking care of myself. I got the self-nurturing that was missing in my life. Not only do I bring more upbeatness to every job, my casting agent says I now look younger and can send me out for a wider range of jobs.”
LR, Actress

‘I’ll never skip eating a healthy breakfast again, now that I know how good I can feel. Mom was right, and Mary Liz showed me how to fit this into my daily routine.
LC Advertising Exec

“I gained confidence and learned self care to handle stress and overcome job and people constraints so I could blossom in my career. I got everything I wanted in my annual review and even have new job offers coming my way.”
RS Info Systems Mgr.

“I’m not as uptight anymore. I can roll with the punches and so my life is less stressed and overwhelmed. I feel more in control.”
JD, Administrative Assistant

“My relationship with my husband has improved. When I stopped criticizing him and focused on what makes me happy, I noticed he was happier and I found less to criticize in him.”
MT Registered Nurse