Mary Liz Murphy

Mary Liz Murphy
Catalyst to Your True Self

Founder, LifeForce Solutions, Inc.

Mary Liz is a Vibrational Energy Healer, a Holistic Health Coach and a highly gifted intuitive. As a catalyst to self empowerment, what sets Mary Liz’s work apart is her integrative health and energetic healing approach which quickly helps clients to regain balance and step into their true power to create a life they love.

A former successful corporate marketing executive, Mary Liz established LifeForce Solutions in 2000 to provide coaching, webinars, seminars and consulting. She helps clients to reclaim their natural state of balance and harmony and to connect the ‘spiritual with the practical’ for healthy, whole and successful living.

Clients have included the United Nations and The Conference Board, international business research organization, as well as hundreds of individuals, such as yourself. She cherishes helping clients lay a personal foundation to live in wholeness one extraordinary individual at a time.