LifeForce Compass Program

5 Simple Keys to Unlock & Empower
Your True Self & Navigate a Life You Love

Webinar & TeleCoaching Series
• Quickly Access Your Power Within
• Triumph over Life’s Sticky Challenges
• Navigate a Life You Love


Results You Can Experience
• Make the best possible decisions in the moment
• Trust yourself enough to act on your intuition
• Enjoy deeper, more gratifying relationships
• Alleviate stress; be confident & proactive in all areas of life
• Constructively express frustration, anger, guilt
& resentment constructively
• Feel connected & on purpose with your life, work,
health & relationships
• Find value & meaning in every experience, no matter how undesirable it may have initially seemed
Your quick results help you to function more effectively & wisely & be healthier & happier for a more rewarding life.
Program Component 1
Five 90 min. Webinars
The progressive five-step process guides you to readily connect more deeply with who you really are & to positively effect your life experiences.
Module 1:
Connect the Dots Within
• Provides a road map for directing your LifeForce energy effectively in eight key facets of self-empowerment; & minimize undesirable consequences in your health, wellbeing, relationships, work & your life.
Module 2:
ReConnect with Your Body Wisdom
• Tap into & trust your body intelligence which holds the secret to your personal freedom, health & vitality
Module 3:
DisConnect from Your
Limiting Thoughts & Beliefs

• Identify & detach from your conditioning & limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in lack, frustration & disappointment.
Module 4:
Connect with Your Emotions
• Take the mystery & fear out of emotions & learn to express your emotions constructively.

• Allow your feelings to inform you of deeper wisdom & intuitive knowing so that you stay on track with the most productive steps.

Module 5:
InterConnect Everything in
Spirit with Value, Purpose & Meaning

• Move into greater alignment within your whole self; discover greater purpose & your value to the Whole of life.

• Cultivate your power to create happiness & wellbeing in every moment regardless of the circumstances.


Program Component 2
5 Hours of Laser Telecoaching Support
• Live group telecoaching calls to answer your questions regarding the material. One-hour sessions the week after each webinar.
• Mary Liz, highly skilled intuitive & energetic healer, will personally guide you to create transformational results for your life. Lazar telecoaching (a Mary Liz specialty) supports you to work through blind spots, apply lessons learned, & hone your empowerment skills for real life application. Find solutions to deal effectively with sticky life challenges.
• Interact & learn from like-minded participants, which always reflect ourselves.
Bonus Ebook:
Recharge Your Life Naturally.
A Holistic Guidebook To Support Your Body’s Intelligence.
Jump-start Your LifeForce Compass Program. It is a little known fact that your endocrine hormonal system is a key access point for healing your life; it impacts your moods, health, energy, focus, weight, emotions & your LifeForce. This holistic resource highlights what you need to know when your endocrine system is out of balance, how it impacts your life & how to support it naturally.

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Now What?
• When you register for the program, you will receive an email containing access to Recharge Your Life Naturally: A Holistic Guidebook To Support Your Body’s Intelligence.

• Then every other Friday you will receive details regarding the following week’s webinar module of LifeForce Compass Program. (There are 5 modules — 5 weeks total.)

Dates Are:
• Besides the modules, you will receive an email from Mary Liz Murphy each alternating Monday morning giving you access to the live client-only mentoring telecoaching sessions (total of 5 calls). You are encouraged to attend as many of these calls as you like for support & guidance & practice with the lessons & skill development.

Oct 10, 24, Nov 7, Nov 21 & Dec 5.


This program helped me to better underst& myself. I was at a point where I had so many changes at once in my life. I needed to change my thinking & would not have been able to recognize where I am in my life without this program. I gained insight & a whole new perspective about myself. I saw what has influenced me to be the person that I am. Because of Mary Liz’s guidance, you learn to grow more through whatever stage of life you are in. How Mary Liz tied the entire program together in the end so you could put it all together for yourself . This created the great AHH! when I saw where I started & where the journey took me. Making the connection between how you feel physically & how you feel emotionally was very helpful.

Betsy F.
Registered Nurse