What is in Your Energetic Library?

My Yogi Tea bag had this potent reminder message on it, which I just had to share as this week’s LifeForce Secret.

Our daily responsibilities and distractions so easily pull us outside of ourselves. It takes discipline (and Yogi tea!) to help shift within to remember this truth; LifeForce flows through you and is expressed as you. In other words, it is not what you do that counts, it is who you are that is doing the expressing that counts!

Your accomplishments and achievements are outward manifestations of an awesome process that is happening from within you. When you are energetically in balanced harmony in body, mind, heart and soul magic happens in your life. So if you focus more attention in developing a harmonious relationship within yourself, you can reshape your relationship with your outer world and create what you truly desire.

This Week’s LifeForce Secret:

“Your Life is based on the capacity of energy in you not outside of you.” Yogi Tea

Open Book Exercise

Begin by examining your beliefs.  Can you name one belief you have that limits you or keep you in lack? Hint, some of the biggies are about money, power, relationships, and position.   They are usually loaded with diamonds to mine.

Notice if you have knee jerk reactions to these common triggers.

  • How do you react to an off-handed comment someone makes? Especially family. They can bring up our greatest triggers!

Your DNA is how your LifeForce is distributed.  Every thought and emotion you have is stored in your energetic library in your DNA. This is how vibrational energy healers, such as myself, can read you like a book.

Self-limiting unconscious beliefs such as, I am not strong or smart enough to be successful, vibrate at a low dense frequency that block you from connecting with the truth of your power.  Hence, you experience equally low vibrating emotions of frustration, anger, resentment, etc.  Unless you allow this energy to move through you, you stay stuck. The blocked energy within keeps you from creating successful living with ease.

The key is to let yourself be free to be you from the inside out, without judgement.


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