Testimonials: LifeForce Compass Program

“This program helped me to better understand myself. I was at a point where I had so many changes at once in my life. I needed to change my thinking and would not have been able to recognize where I am in my life without this program.

I gained insight and a whole new perspective about myself. I saw what has influenced me to be the person that I am. Because of Mary Liz’s guidance, you learn to grow more through whatever stage of life you are in.

How Mary Liz tied the entire program together in the end so you could put it all together for yourself . This created the great AHH! when I saw where I started and where the journey took me. Making the connection between how you feel physically and how you feel emotionally was very helpful.”
Betsy F.
Registered Nurse

“This program helped me to see with great clarity areas of my life that need to be addressed. It put me in a fast forward mode to healing my life. It was like the right pill given at the right time with the correct potency. I would recommend this to anyone who feels stuck.”
Satya Y
Medical Records Administrator

“This program was a gift in self enrichment so I could deal with life better. I was easily able to look at my inner self and could see the root of stress and got tools to change how I respond to it. Now I can process my life better, so I am less stressed, less overwhelmed and feel more in control of me! ”
Eric B.
Computer Technician

This workshop series was great. It got me totally focused and I really got a great deal out of it. I think connect to our body and self awareness are so important. It is so true that we are quick in judge ourselves and tend to react without processing our response. I am really glad I made time for myself to better understand myself with body and mind wellness. It’s taken the stress out of my day and put the power back in my court. Thank you for walking with me on this journey.
Wendee W.
Office Manager

About Mary Liz Murphy

Mary Liz distills her 20+ years of holistic health and vibrational healing expertise to deliver life skills and tools for your greatest impact and efficient use of your LifeForce energy. A former successful corporate marketing executive, Mary Liz guides busy, savvy and aspiring business women and men who want to actualize the best in their ‘whole’ selves for a more rewarding life. Her proven blueprint provides an integrative approach that connects with the ‘whole’ you, shortens your learning curve and enriches the value of your life experiences, in short, empowering you to live a life you love.

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