Is Multitasking Draining Your Energy?

mindsetThe next time you find yourself doing several things at once ask yourself; “do I really feel good functioning like this?” We all have deadlines and to do lists with others counting on us to perform…however, is there a better way? The latest research shows that multitasking is proving not to be the modern day efficiency tool we want it to be. The problem is it takes us away from our true nature of unity within and scatters our energy. It rarely makes us more efficient and tends to compound stress, not alleviate it.

Typically we only remember 10% of what we do, because we were not present for the other 90%. This sobering fact means we squander 90% of our lives rushing around, wasting precious energy being anxious about the future, or guilty about past dealings with many of the same non-stop thoughts over and over. This pattern robs us of efficiency, and yet, we think we are being effective in what we are trying to do with multitasking.

There is only one uplifting solution. Be aware of what you are doing one action at a time. It is not as easy as it sounds. This is a core principle of Zen Buddhism, simply to be focused on the present, which can transform your life and effectiveness.

This Week’s LifeForce Secret:

Your time and Lifeforce energy are never wasted if you are mindfully alive in the present moment.


Do Everyday Activities with Mindfulness

Use this technique to become more present and mindful. While you engage in everyday activities say to yourself: “I am aware that I am walking to work; I am aware I am drinking a cup of tea, or I am aware I am nervous sitting in a meeting”. Simple activities like drinking water, walking the dog, and answering emails become more meaningful and enjoyable when they command your full attention.

As you acknowledge what you are doing in the moment, you come alive to your body and your world. LifeForce energy moves through you with grace and ease vs. being scattered with unconscious multitasking. Instead of being a creature of habit, you become an active participant in your life.

Now here comes the paradox. You may find that you actually become more effective at multitasking when you are intently focused on what you are doing. Use your breath to help you concentrate, and use concentration to help you breathe and live with playful awareness as you fold those socks and answer text messages.

Practice, practice with daily activities, washing your hair, buttoning your clothes, and even watching TV. Experience the power of being consciously present. The power of now is all we really have.

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