Good Vibrations: What’s Your Food Got To Do With It?

Think about this when you sit down to your next meal…

The more vital the energy in your food, the more alive and in touch with life you become.  You are as you eat.

I noticed when I transitioned to a whole food based diet with lots of unadulterated fresh vegetables and fruits that I quickly became more clear headed, centered and balanced.

LifeForce energy permeates all living things.  Your food has an energetic frequency to it as you can see in the Kirlian photo of the apple above.  The same LifeForce essence that is in the universe is the same energetic substance in your food and in your body.

The more natural your diet is, the closer you are to the energy of the earth so you organically align with the harmonious frequencies of the Universe. As you connect to these higher LifeForce energy frequencies, you more easily center within yourself and your natural state of wholeness.

All food falls into two categories; either low vibration or high vibration fuel.

Low Vibration food has chemicals, is refined, processed, and lacking LifeForce. This is the Standard American Diet, which is driven by desire for speed, convenience and availability. The result is a plethora of fast foods with refined white flour, grains, adulterated fats and factory grown animal products. They are devoid of LifeForce.

High Vibration foods are vital living life. They are the whole foods; fresh organic fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, seeds, legumes that capture the energy of the sun and the vitality of the earth, from which you came.

This Week’s LifeForce Secret:

The higher the energy vibration of your food, the more in touch you are with who you are.

The LifeForce essence of fruit is the highest of all foods. Be aware that a mealy apple or a limp head of lettuce that have been stored too long or traveled too far have lost much of their energy. Always seek freshness for high vibes.

To be more ‘enlivened’ always eat at least one ‘live food’ per meal, such as a green salad, piece of celery with almond butter, or sprinkle sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds on top of soup or a casserole, enjoy fresh fruit in the morning or as an energy boost. Enjoy a handful of raw walnuts.

One of my favorite high vibe tips is for when you eat leftovers; add fresh scallions, parsley, radishes, red onion, and other raw accessories and watch the whole dish come to life.

Please share some of your ideas for adding life to your food.

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