Light Grids Healing Activation

Merging Your Body & Soul
Light Grids is a Powerful New Means for Clearing Blocks, Mental & Emotional Patterns at a Core Energetic Level & Bringing You into Greater Alignment with Your Higher Self.


• Merges your soul fully into your body so you feel safe and connected.
• Stills your mind and resets your cellular frequencies to be in harmony
with the Universe.
• Cleans up the DNA blueprint of your body, mind and soul.
• Cleans negative energy from the brain and the spine and activates your
crystalline structure throughout your body
• Makes energetic shifts become easier on your physical body.


How It Works

Light Grids is a powerful transformational experience. The first half of the session clears all your energy fields and your body cells dissolving past life traumas, beliefs and imbalances that keep your soul life force from wanting to fully be in the body. Then your cells are refilled with the highest refined pure light frequencies. This is the Light Grids energy which anchors you in your body so you feel safe to deal with your life issues.

You feel empowered to take responsibility for your life in a more grounded and centered way. You can move forward in your growth and healing process with greater ease and grace.

Individual Sessions:
To schedule a session (75-90min) conducted remotely by Skype. Fee $275. Contact

Group Sessions:
To schedule an event for your group, have
Mary Liz visit your wellness/healing center for
client appointments or be notified of upcoming events. Contact



Fiona Fay_opt“I am in awe and gratitude at the power of your work. This is the new medicine and I can honestly say without doubt that Mary Liz is one of the top energy healers on the globe today. Her loving pure angelic presence and wisdom will ensure that you feel safe, happy, peaceful, renewed and energized again.

For ANYONE who is struggling in their lives and they do not know why, contact Mary Liz immediately. Her work is revolutionary and the greatest thing is you do not have to do anything (just make the appointment). I am so so grateful to have found such a gifted revolutionary healer that brings so much hope, joy and zest back to people. My wish is that more and more people reach out to get this unique energy work done through Mary Liz so they can get their lives working again.”

Fiona Fay, Author of Who is God? You are.


“The session puts you in a cocoon of peaceful calm and a safe place where you are surrounded by positive, supportive and loving feelings that sustain you like a trusted friend saying; “You can do it and I’m always there for you. The wonderful thing is you can close your eyes and go back to this state where all the physical and mental pains are suspended. The place where you can be energized and confidently go forward in life”.

Barbara Mullen
Residential Designer