Activate Your Supreme Feminine Power

The Dalai Lama has said: “The Western Woman will change the world.”

Even the Dalai Lama knew that it starts by changing ourselves first. Are you ready to take a simple first step to change your world and get on the fast track to doing so in just 30 minutes?

Today, more than ever, women especially need support to shift out of our limited minds and expand into our limitless hearts. If you are feeling out of balance and are ready to have your energy restored, come receive encouragement and upliftment to transform one step at a time.



Feel uplifted by higher source frequencies that let you immediately:

• Breakthrough inner barriers
• Release social conditioning that is holding you back
• Own your passion to follow your life purpose
• Be emboldened to live courageously in your heart

Feminine Power fuels the aspects of our life that matter the most:

• Self-expression and intimacy
• Connection and creativity
• Purpose, meaning and contribution.

Yet in our masculine-powered society driven by our need to control, our feminine power can feel thwarted. For thousands of years humanity across the globe has been conditioned to discount and misunderstand our feminine power.

Subsequently, women especially have been functioning out of balance and are often fell overshadowed by self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy in many areas of life.

Reclaim Higher Aspects of Yourself

Mary Liz acts as a channel for Divine Feminine Energies to help heal this conditioning which is not working for you and to open you to receive what is good for you. With Mary Liz’s support you experience high vibrating energies blended to instill wisdom, nurturance, self-acceptance and compassion. These qualities are readily accessible within you to help accelerate your personal transformation by breaking inner barriers and restoring wholeness.

Telesessions Available:
One-on-one telesession plus a recording of your private session. Includes a personal message channeled just for you providing an energetic shift on a deep physical, cellular healing level. As a bonus you have an opportunity to ask questions. Bring your present concerns. There are no limits of what the Divine Feminine Energies can address to help you move forward in your life; physical health, relationships, work, finances, life purpose, family, past life, etc.

$97 for a 30 minute recorded telesession + recording.
Payment is due prior to your session.

To Register for Your
Supreme Feminine Power Telesession


Satya Cropped.cgi“For years I struggled with issues pertaining to both physical and emotional well being, this session was an encouraging, open and nurturing approach that helped to pinpoint the underlying issue. The relief was instant and tangible.
Satya Y., Geriatric Counselor


Dianne Nolin_opt“I now have less of an issue with being candid when I speak. Feeling totally comfortable and confident with whatever I say and whatever the consequences of what I say is a new kind of power for me.
Dianne N., Financial Advisor


Karen Fitzgerald_optThe reading was so helpful because it rather honestly pointed out where my hesitation has been…technology…when I heard that, I knew these Divine Feminine Energies knew what they were talking about 🙂 . Yes to Mary Liz and the wonderful, gentle wisdom she shares with the world.”
Karen F., Actress/Singer/Writer


Colleen Briggs“It helped me realize my intuition is strong and I need to listen to it more often. I am confident now that I am on the right track in life and can call on these Divine Feminine Energies either by myself when its a small thing or with the help of Mary Liz if it’s more monumental and I need her skills. But either way, I have a great resource to help me realize my full potential.’
Colleen B., Advertising Executive


Pati Reiss.cgi“Thank you…thank you…thank you!!! What a beautiful and profound experience I had. I feel a deep sense of “powerful grace” from our session. The information shared has already helped me move more clearly on my life journey. Thanks for the tips regarding my soul-mate too!!!”
Patrice R., Addiction Recovery Specialist


Roxanne Miller_1_opt“I had no idea that the session would be so profound for me. I no longer have to wonder about my life – this experience with Mary Liz put everything into perspective for me. I highly recommend you care for and heal yourself with a session.
Roxanne M., Oilfields Sales Rep

Marsha Mercant.cgi“When I contacted Mary Liz to do this Divine Feminine work, I was in need of some guidance and support. Today, a few days later, I feel peaceful, acknowledged and loved.
Marsha M., Actor/Singer

Omar Prince.cgi“The Divine Feminine Energies transmuted my self doubt, making it easier to move forward. I have more balance and harmony within myself and find it easier to forgive myself.”
Omar P. Social Media Strategist and Performing Artist

Janet Pierce.cgi“Any session with Mary Liz is an awakening on so many inner levels. Channeling with the ‘Divine Feminine Energies’ on my behalf was a rarefied gift: insightful, truthful and empowering. She enables me to open doors on my inner journey to self-understanding and growth.
Janet P., Real Estate Consultant