Energy Activations

Mary Liz facilitates two specific Energy Activations that heal and activate energetic codes in your DNA. This specialty services help raise your LifeForce, bringing you into greater alignment with your highest potential of who you really are and why you are on the planet.

Light Grids Activations
How would you like to feel completely at home in your own body? With this new spiritual technology, Mary Liz helps you clear the energetic blueprint of every experience from all your lifetimes. Take back your power and confidence to face your issues on a daily basis and taking responsibility for your actions in a grounded clear way.

Feminine Power Activations
This work is a special gift to opening hearts, especially for women. The purpose is to help bolster and embolden you with compassion, wisdom and empowerment and to journey from head to heart to heal old conditioning that no longer works or serves you.

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Light Grids, Feminine Power Activations

Light Grids

Feminine Power Activations