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Is Multitasking Draining Your Energy?

Typically you only remember 10% of what you do, because you were not present for the other 90%. We squander 90% of our lives rushing around, wasting precious energy being anxious about the future, or guilty about past dealings with many of the same non-stop thoughts over and over. This pattern robs us of efficiency, and yet, we think we are being effective in what we are trying to do with multitasking....

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Good Vibrations: What’s Your Food Got To Do With It?

Think about this when you sit down to your next meal… The more vital the energy in your food, the more alive and in touch with life you become.  You are as you eat. I noticed when I transitioned to a whole food based diet with lots of unadulterated fresh vegetables and fruits that I quickly became more clear headed, centered and balanced. LifeForce energy permeates all living things.  Your food has an energetic frequency to it as you can see in the Kirlian photo of the apple above.  The same LifeForce essence that is in the universe is the same energetic substance in your food and in your body. The more natural your diet is, the closer you are to the energy of the earth so you organically align with the harmonious frequencies of the Universe. As you connect to these higher LifeForce energy...

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Testimonials: LifeForce Compass Program

“This program helped me to better understand myself. I was at a point where I had so many changes at once in my life. I needed to change my thinking and would not have been able to recognize where I am in my life without this program. I gained insight and a whole new perspective about myself. I saw what has influenced me to be the person that I am. Because of Mary Liz’s guidance, you learn to grow more through whatever stage of life you are in. How Mary Liz tied the entire program together in the end so you could put it all together for yourself . This created the great AHH! when I saw where I started and where the journey took me. Making the connection between how you feel physically and how you feel emotionally was very helpful.” Betsy F. Registered...

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